Cookson 50 - Terra Firma

Cookson 50

Why Cookson 50?


These yachts have proven themselves over and over in Grand Prix inshore course regattas plus offshore ocean races. In recent Sydney Hobarts, a Cookson50 has collected a trophy or two.

Build quality

Cookson Yachts are world renowned for the highest build quality and workmanship. No Cookson 50 has had any structural fault.

Retained value & Dual purpose

These yachts are truly a multi-purpose asset from Grand Prix racing, ocean classics and casual or cruising with friends & family. For these reasons, Cookson 50's will retain their value accordingly.

Why this Cookson 50?

A full carbon racing machine - from hull, mast, rigging & sails

Competing at the top level of racing and then go cruising - invaluable!

Regatta racing plus oceans classics plus cruising

Why this Cookson 50?

The true cost

Owning a yacht like this Cookson 50 is special.  The true cost is not only purchasing but the running costs.  Everything is done on this maticulious updated & maintained yacht.

  • complete B&G H5000 everything
  • brand new sail drive
  • new black carbon race sails
  • a new Sydney Hobart 3 reef carbon main
  • Future Fibres E6 carbon rigging

North Sails partnering

North Sails have been a true partner with Terra Firma.  Their help has helped secure wins in multiple regattas, series and ocean races.

The extent of sail wardrobe is truly impressive.  Save money with ex med Cup TP52 3Di RAW sails that combined with purpose built sails for the yacht produce winning results.

Regatta Racing

A fixed keel Cookson 50 competes really well against top IRC yachts including TP52's

Regatta racing is truly Grand Prix

on our way to being overall winner of the 9 race regatta

Plenty of sail area

A cost effective TP52 sail plan really helps

Sydney Hobart racing

2016 Sydney to Hobart - out the heads, turn right and away southbound go.

the recent carbon reaching pole increases the range and versatility of your headsails

Ready for this year's 2017 Sydney to Hobart. The new 3 reef offshore black carbon mainsail plus many years of refinement sets you up for success.

Sydney Hobart 2016 Video

ORCi - 1st Division 1

IRC - 3rd Division 2

Racing Video

We won this race after a bad start. remember  - lower in the groove but faster can be a winner!

Video - Hamilton Island

sitting on 20+ knots

a new B&G H5000 system

In 2016 we trade up to a complete H5000 from the H3000. Processing speeds are increased by 20x.

Start line positioning and count down are invaluable. The gyro compass operate at 20x faster hence delivering accurate information and subsequent decisions.

H5000 Autopilot is truly more powerful. These new generation processors and instruments learn and are quicker thinking aids for the future.

delivery to Sydney - Video

Just taking it easy


Interior photos

The forward v berth is exteremly comfortable. The rear port cabin can be made up with a double bed. the eight sea bunks can be added where necessary.

The old foreward head is marked as Lifejackets & Flares. This dry area is fantastic for keeping sails & equipment out of the cabin when cruising.

The Nav station is always dry and has a simple clean layout


Include family and friends

this yacht has done some amazing trips with both family and friends. I go cruising for a week with the family and also have an annual boys trip with up to 8 mates for 4 to 6 days in the Whitsundays.

There is a comprehensive list of equipment and use of the boat that really sets this carbon racing yacht apart. From portable dive compressor, bow to stern boat cover, cockpit table, etc.

There are "bring on" items for when you're not racing that make a holiday truly comfortable.

The aft toilet/shower has an electric toilet. The old forward head/space is a great place for equipment & sails when cruising.

being able to leave both backstays on and still go cruising is fantastic. 

Melbourne to Sydney

10 of the 12 Sydney Hobart race crew delivered the boat to Sydney

this picture was taken entering Sydney Heads

just before exiting Bass Stait the seas were huge and it was blowing about 50+ knots - two reefs and a no.5 headsail